Resource UK Minerals

Resource UK offers a broad range of experience in the exploitation of minerals. From desk top studies and field exploration to planning applications and expert witnessing we offer a practical, results orientated service.

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With experience gained in both industry and consultancy, Resource UK can service your needs in exploration geology. Our technical expertise is a particular strength, being re-inforced by laboratory management, quality control/quality assurance and product development experience.

Minerals Planning

This is an area that is constantly changing but always needed to keep the nation supplied with high quality construction and industrial minerals. Resource UK has an excellent track record of success at application and appeal, and is experienced in the co-ordination of Environmental Impact Assessments and writing Environmental Statements and Non-Technical Summaries - essential to the success of any planning application.

Expert Witnessing

Working closely with client, legal team and other experts, we are able professionally to assist Inspectors in technical aspects of minerals development whilst boasting an enviable success rate. A particular skill we offer is the co-ordination of appeal teams.

Wind Turbine

[27-05-2009] TURBINES
Resource UK has brokered a partnership between micro-turbine suppliers Less CO2 and national agricultural consultancies Kite and CMS UK. This connects the supply chain between farmers and Less CO2 and will contribute to reducing the sector's energy costs and carbon footprint. Resource UK will provide planning services for the new venture and we hope to have the first two 15kW turbines running by July.