Resource UK Recycling

Resource UK are actively marketing recycled mineral based waste streams and are Technical Advisors to WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) in the field of utilizing glass fluxing powder in ceramics. Several research and development projects have been conducted, demonstrating that product improvement and/or energy saving can be achievable and cost effective. Resource UK continues to work with both brick and tile manufacturers and glass re-processors to supply quality products at competitive prices, and to break down technical and logistical barriers to the increased use of recycled materials.

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Resource UK is also actively marketing quarry fines and ceramic filter cakes to the heavy clay and cement markets, and has a range of materials available for purchase at competitive prices with highly desirable technical and aesthetic properties.


Wind Turbine

[27-05-2009] TURBINES
Resource UK has brokered a partnership between micro-turbine suppliers Less CO2 and national agricultural consultancies Kite and CMS UK. This connects the supply chain between farmers and Less CO2 and will contribute to reducing the sector's energy costs and carbon footprint. Resource UK will provide planning services for the new venture and we hope to have the first two 15kW turbines running by July.