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Society is increasingly aware of the need to meet its energy needs more responsibly and imaginatively. Resource UK is constantly looking for new opportunities and technologies to facilitate carbon footprint reduction. We do this principally by connecting supply chains, so if you are interested in purchasing any of the following Resource UK is here to help.

Wind Turbine Wind turbines from 2.5kW to 2MW

Solar PV Solar pv and hot water panels

Voltage Optimisation Voltage Optimisation Technology

Green Roof Green Roofs

We represent a number of installers and are always looking for others to add to our portfolio, so if you have something to offer our clients, please contact us. Resource UK is particularly active in, but not limited to, the manufacturing, commercial and agricultural sectors.

Wind Turbine

[27-05-2009] TURBINES
Resource UK has brokered a partnership between micro-turbine suppliers Less CO2 and national agricultural consultancies Kite and CMS UK. This connects the supply chain between farmers and Less CO2 and will contribute to reducing the sector's energy costs and carbon footprint. Resource UK will provide planning services for the new venture and we hope to have the first two 15kW turbines running by July.